Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oplæsning 28/11 på Metrobar for Projektør

Følgende reklametekst er kidnappet fra projektets myspace side:

The last official ** Projektør reading of the season will be on the 28/11-06. The featured readers will be Mette Moestrup, Nicolaj Stochholm, Stine Linnemann and Dy Plambech. Perhaps even Adda Djørup. Does that seem like too much? It is!

The roles are set: Mette Moestrup, who has just published the sprawling poetry collection Kingsize, will be queen narrator, Nicolaj Stochholm is just ever en vogue, Stine Linnemann is the up-and-comer with the low down on dirt and dizzy and Dy Plambeck the refined, secret storyteller. It will be the last of the great nights.

The project will send two delegates to the mic this night, and it will be whomever can find his txts quickly enough to sound reasonable.

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