Thursday, March 16, 2006

Så er det sket. Jeg er blevet voldtaget verbalt på Fik denne mail fra en pige jeg ikke aner hvem er, aldrig har haft kontakt til og jeg aner ikke hvordan hun faldt over mig.

From: Ellen
Date: Mar 13, 2006 9:25 AM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: ....ohmy!
Ah hell, really woman. You seem amazing!

How come your hair is so that i want to dive my fingers into ? Grab and pull a little, not too hard.. just gently, playful..

You certainly emit something that sparkles sexual desires on my site! Hush me. Maybe i shouldn't - but really i must..

: pats your cheeks with my fingertips lightly and kisses your upper lip persistantly..

..smiles and holds your lips with both my hand's fingertips and starts forming duck and fish faces with your lips, smiling.. ;p flicks a lick at your tonguetip when you don't pay attention and winks :

: runs my fingertips over your eyebrows, stroking them, as my tongue rolls gently up against yours..
.. runs my fingernails down the back of your neck and kisses you behind the ears, breathing hot moist air down your throat.. holding you tight as you shiver and starts to nibble the corners of your lips :

Hm, i hope this catches you? I'll try my best if i may?

: grabs your hair, pulling back your head and brushes a thumb slowly over your lips.. slowly touching your ear with my tonguetip..
..starts to lick into your ear.. has you listen to breathing and my tongue.. intimate noise :

: sits behind you and picks up your hair, running my fingernails down the back of your neck, massaging your head abit and pulling your hair here and there.. then kisses your neck, and strokes down to your collar bones.. :

: leans you back against my chest and starts to throughoutly please your (wonderful i bet) breasts : ;D

Really damn - i had to..


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Anonymous said...


I knew something wasn't right, this Ellenperson sent me the EXACTLY THE SAME THING on myspace! she only let the breast thing out.

Thanks for putting this on your blog, i had a hit on google by this! :P

Bye, Klarien. (